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Quick Start Program

We have many programs for justice involved communities, some paid by the State of Arizona as well as pilot programs for early release in the Maricopa County jails and adult probation. Not evry vivre resident is justice involved – some come to us before that.  Either way most residents participate in the  ‘Quick Start Program’, which is offered typically for 90 days, to our residents. There is also an aftercare program that residents can take advantage of, who choose to extend their stay beyond 90 days.

Our program is about accountability and independance so that following the program the resident has the best chance to stay substance free.  Our self pay program fees are $120 per week.  Those men and women in reentry (on community corrections may be referred by the Department based on need and availibility.   Our housing sites are scattered over Maricopa County we have 180 beds for men and women currently.  These are apartment units with  each unit furnished, and is equipped with a full-sized kitchen. Residents are  provided food in the first phase of the program by our own cooks in our commercial kitchen.  Once the resident is employed they become responsible for providing their own food/meals, toiletries and towels.  All that is needed to begin is a desire to heal.  To Live- ViVRE

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training“, a science-based program that helps people to recover from a variety of addictive behaviors, including drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, sex, and food addiction. It is taught on-site at  ViVRE,  by certified SMART Recovery facilitators on a weekly basis.  SMART Recovery is a peer based program of recovery.  SMART has no particular steps but rather a series of tools.  Those tools are discussed at the meetings.  They are also available at the SMART Recovery toolbox 

Case Management

Part in parcel with a program of sobriety is active case management.  This is how we get our clients where they need to be.  We connect them to social services, help them with SSI applications, work on a housing and employment plan.  Success is a two way street and we know our residents success leads to our own.  Each resident is afforded individualized one on one staffing weekly (sometimes allot more often)  it all is driven by a risk need responsivity assessment that is completed soon after intake into program.

Employment Work-Force Counseling

ViVRE management, employees, and volunteers are all dedicated to helping clients in need of employment, by providing guidance, life skills, resume building, and job coaching, along with regular reporting to government agencies. In order to ensure productivity, ViVRE has partnered up with other non-profit organizations (N.P.O.’s), such as St. Joseph the Worker. By doing this, we have the ability to provide daily and monthly bus passes, vouchers for free work boots and shoes, uniforms, certifications, and other work essentials our clients may need, to be successful in our program, and more importantly, in life.

Coach Carl -Fit Four Recovery

X & O’s of Sobriety, bringing to Life a game plan to attack this opponent (addiction). The physical component to recovery, “A Strong Body, A Strong Mind, A Strong Spirit.”  For more about our number one most valuable player in fitness and recovery -check out Coach Carl Fit Four Life